After a long time, the c# online status server is in it’s alpha stages. I have got a working prototype that I created with the help of an old c# server written tutorial from Tom Weiland. The tutorial goes into great detail and with it being written, made it that much more enjoyable to navigate. While the server’s main purpose is to be a game server, I am happy with the adaptations I have made. With it, I plan to expand my PlayFab Unity guide.

PlayFab Online Status Server

The server is setup to work with a self-signed certificate. Once a connection is made and the client authenticated, the client must send a passphrase to the server. Unless the passphrase is provided, the client will be disconnected.

While this isn’t the most solid of security, the server only keeps live anonymous data and is a precursor to basic logs for further fail2ban implementation. All very exciting stuff.

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