CubyDodgy v1 & v2

Cuby Dodgy was the first game I ever created. I was on vacation and decided to pick up a Unity game dev course on Udemy. After many sleep deprived nights and devouring Ben Tristams content, I felt I was ready to try making my own game.

Cuby Dodgy is a top view shooter in which you must collect coins to make points all the while avoiding projectiles.

While simple in concept, at the time, it was very challenging to make. I was still very new to C# and kept hitting walls. It was quite fun to learn about co-routines and other programming concepts.

After this project I spent a lot of time prototyping and did not attempt to make a full game for a long while but, when I did decide to jump back into game making, I had to make CubyDodgyV2.

The core concept of the game was the same but instead of simply dodging projectiles the player must now fight for his very life against ever increasing numbers of evil capsule enemies.

I was still very much a new indie game dev but I felt much more comfortable making the game. Here’s a sample of the gameplay.

I was very excited about this game and even had begun work on a boss battle but alas, motivation dwindled. I had a lot of abilities in mind for the boss to use against the player and had one nearly completed.

CubyDodgyV2 was a blast to make and I loved the feedback I received on

Thank you very much for reading. I invite you to check out my game’s Itch page. (


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